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Studio Space as well as rooms where I can record at home can be seen:


Camera Equipment

  • HDMI Canon 70D

  • 4 lenses (55-250mm Tele-Zoom lens, 50mm Prime lens, 17-40mm wide Angle Lens, 85mm Prime Lens)

  • 2 Lens hoods (for tele-zoom and wide)

  • One Monopod

  • One High Quality Film Tripod

  • Sevenoak Shoulder Rig

  • 8 Foot Crane Jib

  • 2 Foot Camera Slider

  • Camera Protector to Shoot in Rain

  • HDMI 1st Person POV Camera Helmet

Sound Equipment

  • Zoom H4N Audio Recorder

  • Rode Shotgun Mic NTG2

  • Audio Technica at2020

  • Shure PG58-QTR Microphone

  • Deadcat for mic

  • Accoustic Isolation Shield

  • Duo-Capture Audio-Interface

  • Good Basic Boom Pole

  • Shock mount for Shotgun mic

  • Mic stand with Pop Filter

  • Headphones


  • LED Camera Video Lamp Light with multiple color filters

  • 3 Softbox Lighting Kit

  • 5 in one Reflector


  • Slate with markers

  • Adobe CC Suite


  • If you find that something is missing from this list, feel free to mention it to me and I may acquire it.

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